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Post-doctoral research

I am a postdoc at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, working on a project called “Endothelial programs that activate or blunt antiviral responses”. The Research Council of Norway funds this project and the project leader is Johanna Hol Fosse. 

Our overall goal is to understand how the ability of infectious salmon anaemia virus, ISAV, to infect and interact with Atlantic salmon endothelial cells contributes to viral success and the mechanisms by which endotheliotropic viruses cause vascular dysfunction. We apply single cell RNA sequencing to characterize salmon head kidney cells in order to understand host-pathogen interaction in infected fish, with focus on endothelial cells. 

I am also involved in another project, where we try to understand the significance of the interaction between ISAV and Atlantic salmon red blood cells. We want to study if this interaction, ISAV-RBC, influences the course of infection and pathogenesis. I am involved both in wet lab as well as with the bioinformatics part of this project. 

I visited the Macqueen lab at the Roslin Institute for 9 months (2022-2023) to collaborate on single cell transcriptomics research.


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Biography and previous work

I completed my PhD at University of Oslo in the Viral immunity and vaccines group with Tor Gjøen as my supervisor. My thesis was entitled: “Transcriptome profiling of virus and adjuvant induced innate immune responses in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)”. Here we studied the kinetics of the immune response in salmon cell line against both poly I:C and ISAV. We also compared different formulations of poly I:C with inactivated virus in vivo. I used bulk RNA sequencing to study transcriptomic response in these different studies. 


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Interaction between dietary fatty acids and genotype on immune response in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) after vaccination: A transcriptome study. Andresen AMS, Lutfi E, Ruyter B, Berge G, Gjøen T. PLoS One. 2019 

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