Dr Fiona Bakke (former PhD student)

Email - f.bakke@abdn.ac.uk

PhD Project: Development of proteomics approaches for comparative and evolutionary immunology




Prof. Sam Martin. School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen: Co-supervisor & fish health/physiology expert.

Dr David Stead. Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen: Co-supervisor & mass spectrometry / proteomics expert.

Dr Helen Dooley. University of Maryland: Co-supervisor & immunology expert.

Postgraduate research


I recently completed a 4-year BBSRC funded PhD studentship (EASTBIO program) investigating comparative and evolutionary immunology.  My PhD project involved developing a quantitative proteomics platform to monitor immune responses in vertebrates outside mammals, initially studying rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum).  I also assembled a high-quality multi-tissue transcriptome for the nurse shark. My work has broadened our knowledge of the evolution and function of the immune system, and developed mass spectroscopy-based targeted proteomics for use in the study of non-model vertebrate lineages.