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Dr Fiona Bakke (former PhD student)

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PhD Project: Development of proteomics approaches for comparative and evolutionary immunology




Prof. Sam Martin. School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen: Co-supervisor & fish health/physiology expert.

Dr David Stead. Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen: Co-supervisor & mass spectrometry / proteomics expert.

Dr Helen Dooley. University of Maryland: Co-supervisor & immunology expert.

Postgraduate research


I recently completed a 4-year BBSRC funded PhD studentship (EASTBIO program) investigating comparative and evolutionary immunology.  My PhD project involved developing proteomic approaches to monitor immune responses in rainbow trout, nurse shark and lamprey.  I also assembled a high-quality multi-tissue transcriptome for the nurse shark. My work has broadened our knowledge of the evolution and function of the immune system, and validated the use of mass spectroscopy-based proteomics for the study of non-model vertebrate lineages.

Publications from PhD research


Bakke, F.K., Monte, M.M., Stead, D.A., Causey, D.R., Douglas, A., Macqueen, D.J. and Dooley, H. (2020) Plasma proteome responses in salmonid fish following immunization. Frontiers in Immunology, 11, 581070. 

Bakke, F.K., Gundappa, M.K., Matz, H., Stead, D.A., Macqueen, D.J. and Dooley, H. (2022) Exploration of the nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) plasma immunoproteome using high resolution LC-MS/MS. Frontiers in Immunology, 13, 873390.

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