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Report: G10k & Genome Science

Several members of the lab (Dan, Alicia B., Manu KG and Mike G.) attended the Genome 10k and Genome Science meeting held at the Earlham Institute. This was a great conference, highly attended with lots of exciting talks from prominent genome scientists. Really impressive on many levels and some great contacts made.

Alicia and Dan presented talks on salmonid genomics and evolution, which were captured by the impressive artwork of attendee Alex Cagen (@ATJCagan credited for below images).

Mike and Manu presented posters on their PhD research.

Manu presented a poster on the Danube salmon genome project.

Mike's poster on MinION sequencing of salmonid viruses won a prize (1st place) of £150 plus a years membership to the Microbiology Society. Was he excited to receive his prize from Prof. Nick Loman? Yes, just a bit.

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