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Major new BBSRC project on Aquaculture Genetics funded

The Macqueen lab will play a major role in a new BBSRC project funded under the UK Aquaculture Initiative as a consortium grant:

AquaLeap: Innovation in Genetics and Breeding to Advance UK Aquaculture Production

This 36 month project will be led by Prof. Ross Houston at The Roslin Institute. The overall aim is to enhance resources and approaches needed to exploit advanced genetic & genomic technologies for improvements in selective breeding and disease resistance in finfish and shellfish species farmed in the UK. This is a very exciting project that will have a major positive impact on several UK aquaculture sectors.

Dan Macqueen is a co-principal investigator and will get a new post-doctoral position to support his role (to be advertised in due course)

Other collaborators include the University of Stirling, the University of Exeter, and several industrial partners.

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