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New paper in Nature Communications

Delighted to share the publication of our group's latest paper: The structural variation landscape in 492 Atlantic salmon genomes in Nature Communications

This one involved a Herculean effort by former BBSRC iCASE PhD student Dr Alicia Bertolotti (co-supervised by Xelect Ltd). Alicia's entire PhD (and more) is included in this study. Important contributions from other lab members - Manu, Michael and Ege

Massive thanks to our labs key collaborators based at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Prof. Sigbjorn Lien, Dr Simen Sandve, Dr Torfin Nome and others). Moreover, this paper could not have happened without the key support from Dr Ryan Layer (University of Colorado) on SV analyses. Many other great scientists involved.

The study was supported by the BBSRC and Research Council of Norway.

Alicia wrote a nice little invited blog about the paper here:

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