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Carl Milton

PhD Project: Multiomics investigations of the role played by embryonic temperature in programming long term immune function in Atlantic salmon

Supervised by: Prof. Dan Macqueen and DrThomas Wishart (The Roslin Institute) & Dr Erik Burgerhout (Nofima, Tromsø, Norway)

Postgraduate research

My PhD is funded through the Norwegian Research Council as part of a 54 month project named ‘Coolfish’. The PhD project aims to identify the effect of higher than natural rearing temperatures in salmon aquaculture on the development and immune function of Atlantic salmon. I will be examining these effects on multiple “omics levels”, carrying out proteomic, metabolomic, genomic, and epigenetic analysis. The majority of the PhD will be spent in Edinburgh, however part of the project will be spent at the Nofima Institute in Tromso, Norway to support the generation of samples under the supervision of Dr Burgerhout.


Biography and previous work

My undergraduate degree was in Biochemistry at the University of Glasgow. During this period, I developed a strong interest in Bioinformatics, leading me to complete a masters in the subject after graduating. For my masters thesis I created a bioinformatics pipeline to identify rare collagen variants associated with haemorrhagic stroke as well as carrying out in silico thermal stability analysis on predicted mutant proteins. My non-academic interests include chess, running and tormenting my neighbours with the bagpipes!

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