We are a diverse group represented by many nationalities 

Dr Dan Macqueen - Associate Professor, Group Leader.

Fiona Bakke – BBSRC EASTBIO PhD student. 

Oct 2016 to Sept 2020. Co-supervisors: Dr David Stead (University

of Aberdeen) & Dr Helen Dooley (University of Maryland)

Alicia C. Bertolotti. BBSRC industrial CASE PhD student. 

Oct 2015 to Sep 2019. Second supervisor:  Prof. Sam Martin. 

Industrial partner: Xelect Ltd.

Thomas Clark. PhD student joint funded by the University of Aberdeen and BioMar. Oct 2015 to Mar 2019. Lead supervisor: Prof. Sam Martin. Second supervisor: Dr Daniel Macqueen

Michael Gallagher. BBSRC EASTBIO PhD student.Oct 2016 to

Sept 2020. Second supervisor:  Dr Iveta Matejusova (Marine

Scotland Science)

Manu Kumar Gundappa. Elphinstone PhD Student with

additional funding support from the Karnataka Government, India.

Oct 2015 to Sep 2018. 


Diego Perojil Morata.  PhD Student co-funded by the Roslin Institute and Research Council of Norway. Dec 2018 to May 2021. Second supervisor: Prof. Ross Houston (Roslin Institute)