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From Late 2021

Prof. Dan Macqueen - Group Leader.

Dr Pooran Singh Dewari. H2020 funded post-doc on AQUA-FAANG project

Dr Manu Kumar Gundappa. BBSRC post-doc on AquaLeap project

Dr Richard Taylor. BBSRC core scientist - bioinformatics specialist

Diego Perojil Morata.  PhD Student co-funded by the Roslin Institute and Research Council of Norway. Dec 2018 to May 2021. 

Oliver Eve.  PhD Student funded by BBSRC EASTBIO. Oct 2020 to Sept 2024. Second supervisors: Dr Diego Robledo (Roslin Institute) and Prof. Sam Martin (University of Aberdeen)

Zexin Jiao.  PhD Student funded by The Roslin Institute. Oct 2021 to Sept 2025. Second supervisor: Dr James Prendergast (Roslin Institute)

Jianxuan Sun.  PhD Student. Oct 2021 to Sept 2025. Second supervisor: Dr Adam Balic (Roslin Institute)

Carl Milton.  PhD Student. Jan 2022 to Dec 2025. Second supervisor: Dr Tom Wishart (The Roslin Institute) and Dr Erik Burgerhout (Nofima)