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Former Group Members

Ordered in time from when left the group


Dr Manu Kumar Gundappa

PhD student, 2015-2019, Post-doc, 2019-2024

Current position: Assistant Professor, Wageningen University and Research, Animal Breeding and Genomics Group

Contact details:

Dr Diego Perojil Morata

PhD student, 2018-2024

Current position: Post-doctoral researcher at Imperial College London (with Prof. Boris Lenhard)

Contact details:


Dr Shahmir Naseer

PhD student, 2020-2024 (first supervisor: Sam Martin, University of Aberdeen)

Current position: Post-doctoral researcher, University of Aberdeen (Prof. Sam Martin’s group)

Contact details:


Dr Adriana Magalhães Santos Andresen

Visiting post-doc, 2022-2023

Current position: Post-doctoral researcher, Norwegian Veterinary Institute (Dr Johanna Hol Fosse’s group)

Contact details:


Dr Pooran Singh Dewari

Post-doctoral researcher, 2020-2023

Current position: post-doctoral researcher, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh (Dr Tim Bean’s group)

Contact details:

Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels

Post-doctoral researcher, 2019-2021

Current position: Lecturer, University of Stirling

Contact details:


Dr Fiona Bakke

PhD student, 2017-2021 (co-supervised with Dr Helen Dooley, University of Maryland)

Contact details:


Dr Michael Gallagher

PhD student, 2016-2020

Current position: Market Development Manager, Bionano Genomics.

Contact details;


Dr Alicia Bertolotti

PhD student, 2015-2020

Current position: Business Support Scientist, Bionano Genomics.

Contact details:

Dr Thomas Clark

PhD student, 2015-2019

Current position: post-doctoral researcher, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh (Dr Nick Wade’s group)

Contact details:


Dr Dwight Causey

PhD student, 2014-2018

Current position: Fish & Wildlife Biologist, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Contact details:


Dr Anthony Redmond

PhD student, 2013-2017 (co-supervised with Dr Helen Dooley, University of Maryland)

Current position: Ad Astra Fellow, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, University College Dublin

Contact details:


Dr Fiona Robertson

PhD student, 2013-2017

Current position: Bioinformatician, Fios Genomics

Dr Abdullah Alzaid

PhD student, 2014-2017

Current position: Associate Research Scientist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Contact details:

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