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Chumeng Zhu

PhD Project: Using deep learning to reconstruct gene regulation in extinct species

Supervised by: Prof. James Prendergast (1st supervisor) and Prof. Dan Macqueen  (The Roslin Institute)

Postgraduate research

My PhD project is funded by BBSRC EastBio DTP. I will mainly focus on employing deep learning methods to predict gene regulation in the extinct ancestors of cattle and salmonids. In this way we can answer important evolutionary questions like how the genomes of these key livestock species have been shaped by domestication or whole genome duplications.

Biography and previous work

I graduated from South China Agricultural University with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. After that, I completed my master’s research at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a focus on plant genomics and computational biology, and my particular research theme is the evolution of microRNA in the genus Fragaria

Besides biological research, I enjoy nature and everything about wildlife. Hobbies that I want to develop or pick up during my PhD: fitness, reading more novels and perhaps science communication writing.

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